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Hi Everyone,

My name is Igor. I am a software engineer for over 15 years. I am following the cryptomarket for more than eight years, and I have ₳ (ADA) almost since its launch in 2017. Most of my portfolio consists of ₳, and I admire the platform's development and global ideas/vision that Charles has.

I love photography, traveling, baking pizza, Cuban cigars, and fountain pens.

Finally, this year I decided to be proactive and contribute. I created a node VICE that is running on multiple separate servers in different data centers. All relays and a node have similar specs:

  • 4x 5.3Ghz cores
  • 8GB RAM
  • 100GB NVMe

I understand that technically such configurations are overkill, but I like working with a fast HW. All servers are running smoothly with a minimal load. Any external unrequired access is blocked, and all private keys are stored on a separate offline machine. I also actively use HW wallets (Ledger Nano S/X and Trezor Model T).

Here's the VicePool information:

  • Ticker: VICE
  • Name: VicePool
  • Pledge: 1,293,000 ₳
  • Fixed fee: 340
  • Margin: 4%
  • Pool ID: 0880d4856cfd12765d47e8a3e9750a7593b008a63b759e27e723c450
  • Website:
  • Statistics: PoolTool, ADApools

I am also a creator of CardanoWall, a service that allows you to send an advanced Proof of Existence to the Cardano blockchain.

If you like the ideas that CardanoWall has developed and implemented and want to see it progress even further, you can support the service by delegating to an the VICE stake pool. In the delegation process, you do not transfer your funds anywhere, and you do not limit yourself in any way. You simply vote with your wallet for the VICE pool, and with this support, my pool can create more blocks, supporting the Cardano network's decentralization. Your support is significant as due to the pool's efficient operation, I can allocate more time and funding to further develop the CardanoWall service.

My contacts are: